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Chicago Referencing Guide

Notes-Bibliography Style

Blog posts

  • Only include a blog post citation in your bibliography if it is critical to your argument or frequently cited.
  • To cite a blog post, locate as much of the following information as possible: author, title of the post, name of the blog, date the entry was posted, and URL.
  • Give the blogger's name exactly as listed, even if it is clearly a pseudonym. If the blogger's real name can be easily determined, include it in parentheses.
  • If the name does not make it clear that it is a blog, you can add (blog) after it.


28. Dale McGowan, "Nasty Statues, British Edition," The Lucky Ones: The Beginner's Guide to Mortality (blog), August 15, 2017,

29. xkcd (Randall P. Munroe), "Asteroid 4942 Munroe," xkcd: The Blog of the Webcomic, September 30, 2013,


McCulloch, Gretchen. "A Linguist Explains How We Write Sarcasm on the Internet." The Toast (blog), June 22, 2015.

  • If the blog is part of a larger publication, give the name of the publication after the blog name.


30. William Taylor, "Beyond Genghis Khan: How Looting Threatens to Erase Mongolia's History," Archeology Notes & Theories (blog), The Guardian, October 26, 2017,

Comments on blog posts

  • To cite a reader's comment, use a shortened form of the citation of the original post (which must be cited in full elsewhere).
  • Include the commenter's name, the note comment on, and the date of the comment.
  • Cite the commenter's name exactly as it appears on the post, even it if it is clearly a pseudonym or not a full name.


31. Paul, November 30, 2017, comment on Shoebridge, "The Dictionary of New Zealand Biography Rides Again."