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Chicago Referencing Guide

Notes-Bibliography Style

Online videos

  • In most cases, you can cite online videos only in notes. Include them in your bibliography only if they are critical to your argument or frequently cited.
  • To cite an online video, locate as much of the following information as possible: name of the creator, title of the video, date it was posted. Also include a URL. 
  • Include a short description of the type of video after the date. You can optionally include the duration of the video.
  • Give the creator's name exactly as listed, even if it is clearly a pseudonym. If the creator's real name can be easily determined, include it in parentheses.


54. Crash Course (Craig Mazel), "Georges Melies - Master of Illusion: Crash Course Film History #4," May 4, 2017, video,

55. Beyoncé, "Formation," December 9, 2016, music video, 4:25,


Shynola. "Scott Pilgrim vs the World Title Sequence." September 19, 2012. Opening credits, 2:30.