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Chicago Referencing Guide

Notes-Bibliography Style

Artworks - general pattern

  • Cite artworks such as paintings, drawings, photography and sculpture in notes only.
  • Include the name of the artist, the title, and the date of its creation, as well as the name of the location where it can be seen. You may also include the medium, if relevant.


#. Artist's First Name Last Name, Title of Artwork, Date of Creation, medium, Location, City.
  • For images found online, include a URL.


#. Artist's First Name Last Name, Title of Artwork, Date of Creation, medium, Location, City, URL or Image Database Name.

Date of creation

  • Cite the date of creation as far as you can establish it. Use n.d. if no date can be found.
  • If you only have an approximate date, prefex it with ca. ("circa" - Latin for "about").
  • If there is some doubt about the date, you can enter it in square brackets with a question mark, to indicate uncertainty.

36. Aaron Siskind, Untitled (The Most Crowded Block), 1939, gelatin silver print, Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City.

37. Star Gossage, Marae, 2013, oil on board, James Wallace Arts Trust Collection, The Pah, Auckland.

38. Masaccio, The Tribute Money, ca. 1425, fresco, Brancacci Chapel, Santa Maria del Carmine, Florence,

39. Kanak People of New Caledonia, Mask (Daguk), [1900?], wooden mask, Metropolian Museum of Art, New York, 2015, Artstor.

Reproduction of artwork

To cite a reproduction of an artwork in a book or other published source, omit the medium and location and give publication information for the source instead.


40. Robyn Kahukiwa, Whakapapa Birth & Death, 2005, in Ron Brownson, ed., Art Toi: New Zealand Art at Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki (Auckland: Auckland Art Gallery, 2011), 298.