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Chicago Referencing Guide

Notes-Bibliography Style

Generative artificial intelligence (AI)

If you use text generated by ChatGPT or other AI software, you should cite it as a form of personal communication, as this content can't be retrieved by the reader of your work. 

  • Include the name of the AI software, the date the text was generated, and the name of the publisher or producer of the software.
  • Optionally, you can include the prompt which the AI was responding to, and/or a general URL for the software (the specific URL for the generated text should not be included, as it will require a user login).
  • Cite the source in notes only, do not include it in your bibliography.


24. Text generated by ChatGPT, April 14, 2023, OpenAI,

15. ChatGPT, response to "Why is the sky blue?" May 21, 2023, OpenAI.