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APA 7th Referencing Style Guide

Published conference proceedings

If conference proceedings are published:

  • regularly (in a journal) - treat like a journal article
  • as a book - treat like a book or book chapter


Conference article in regularly published conference proceedings 

Herculano-Houzel, S., Collins, C. E., Wong, P., Kaas, J. H., & Lent, R. (2008). The basic nonuniformity of the cerebral cortex. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 105(34), 12593-12598.

  • Use the journal article format

Conference proceedings published as a book

  • When citing the whole book, use the format for an edited book
  • When citing a paper from a proceeding book, use the format for a chapter of an edited book

Zegwaard, K. E., & Hoskyn, K. (Eds.). (2015). New Zealand Association for Cooperative Education 2015 conference proceedings: Refereed proceedings of the 18th New Zealand Association for Cooperative Education conference. New Zealand Association for Cooperative Education.


Find more examples on the APA 7th website.

Conference contributions accessed online

Reference format

Use these formats for paper presentations, poster sessions, keynote addresses and symposium contributions. 

  • Describe the type after the title
  • Include all authors even if they are not present
  • Use the date(s) of the conference
  • Include the location
Author Date Title Conference information DOI or URL
Presenter, A & Presenter, B. (Year, Month dd-dd). Title of conference paper or poster [Type of contribution]. Conference Name, Location.
Contributor, A. & Contributor , B.

(Year, Month dd-dd).

(2020, January 30–February 1)

Title of contribution. In C.C. Chairperson (Chair), Title of the Symposium [Symposium]. Conference Name, Location.
  • Location: include city, state, province or territory, and country. Use abbreviations for U.S. or Australia states. For example, New York, NY, United States


Paper presentation

Mason, I. & Missingham, R. (2019, October 21–25).  Research libraries, data curation, and workflows [Paper presentation].  eResearch Australasia Conference, Brisbane, QLD, Australia.

Poster presentation

McGoudall, J., Durbin, P., Schlatter, T., McGale, M. & Jerabek, A. (2019, October 21–25). Dataverse 'Instrallation Personas': A UX concept adopted to enable the navigation of Dataverse installations, for the purpose of sharing ideas and technical experiences by the international community [Poster presentation]. eResearch Australasia Conference, Brisbane, QLD, Australia.

Symposium contribution

Cochrane, T. & Narayan, V. (2019, February 14–15). Evaluation the CMALT cMOOC: An agile and scalable professional development framework. In R. Shekhawat (Chairs). Breakout session [Symposium]. Scholarship of Technology Enhanced Learning Symposium, Auckland, New Zealand. 


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