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APA 7th Referencing Style Guide

MIMSGateway, Cochrane Systematic Reviews, and UpToDate

Cochrane Systematic Reviews

Cruciani, M., Mengoli, C., Barnes, R., Donnelly, J. P., Loeffler, J., Jones, B. L., Klingspor, L., Maertens, J., Morton, C. O., & White, L. P. (2019). Polymerase chain reaction blood tests for the diagnosis of invasive aspergillosis in immunocompromised people. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.

  • Include the name of the database in the reference.


MIMS Gateway reference

Include the name of the database in the reference as articles in this database are not available freely.

No PDF available, referencing webpage:

Aspirin (NZF version 01 Dec 2019). (2020).  MimsGateway.

  • Use the URL that goes to the database, not the URL that goes to the page

Acarbose. (2020). MimsGateway. Retrieved January 28, 2020, from

  • If a version number is available (an archival version identifier) including a retrieval date is not necessary (example 1). If archival version information is not included, retrieval date information is required (example 2)

PDF available, referencing the PDF document:

Accupril (pfdaccut10519). (2019). MimsGateway.

  • The (pfdaccut10519) is the version number of this document
  • Use the URL that goes directly to the PDF


UpToDate reference

Morey, M. C. (2019). Physical activity and exercise in older adults. UpToDate. Retrieved July 22, 2019, from

  • Articles in the UpToDate database are available only from that Database, so the Database name is included 
  • Include a retrieval date as the content is designed to change over time and page versions are not archived


Find how to cite in text on the In-text citation page.

Clinical practice guidelines

Find examples from the APA website for: 

  • Clinical practice guideline with a group author
  • Clinical practice guideline by individual authors at a government agency, published as part of a series