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Chicago Referencing Guide

Notes-Bibliography Style

Websites - general pattern

  • In most cases, you can cite websites just in notes. Include them in your bibliography only if they are critical to your argument or frequently cited.
  • For your citation, locate as much of the following information as possible: author if given, title of the page, title or owner of the site, publication or revision date, URL.‚Äč If no date can be determined from the source, include an access date.


#. Author's First Name Last Name, "Title of Page: Subtitle," Name of Website or Site Owner, Date of Publication or Revision, accessed Date of Access (if undated), URL.


Author's Last Name, First Name or Site Owner. "Title of Page: Subtitle." Date of Publication or Revision. Accessed Date of Access (if undated). URL.


  • In a note, if there is no author given, begin with the title of the page.
  • In a bibliography entry, if there is no author given, use the owner of the site as the author.


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Name of website

The name of the website or site owner should be in roman type, not italic, unless the website is an online version of another type of resource (where the title is usually italicised), such as an encyclopaedia.


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