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Chicago Referencing Guide

Notes-Bibliography Style

Live performances

  • Cite live theatrical, artistic, musical or dance performances in your notes only, unless the work is central to your argument, in which case you can include it in your bibiliography.
  • Include the title of the work, the creator, any key performers and an indication of their roles, the venue, location, and date of the performance.
  • Italicise the titles of plays, live performance art and long musical works, but enter titles of shorter works in roman type, in quotation marks. 
  • If the citation is focused on an individual's performance, list that person's name and role before the title of the work. 


44. Matilda: The Musical, script by Dennis Kelly, music and lyrics by Tim Minchin, based on the book by Roald Dahl, Civic Theatre, Auckland, September 28, 2017.

45. 21 Movements, live response by Alexa Wilson to photographs by Nicholas Watt, Basement Theatre, Auckland, March 11, 2017.

46. Caitlin Morris, cellist, "Double Cello Concerto," by Antonio Vivaldi, ASB Theatre Marlborough, Nelson, November 4, 2017.